Platform Adaptation and Porting

Leading cross-platform game service provider from Finland

Game platform adaptation and porting

We offer the development support that game companies need. For well over a decade we have developed games natively for all major platforms. Leveraging existing IP or creating new ones is done with working with world class companies and brands. Our seasoned professionals successfully adapt desktop, console or web games to mobile and vice versa. We have worked with many proprietary game engines and we are no strangers to unconventional projects either.

Pay for quality

Whether it is a proprietary game engine or legacy code, expect to find our standards high. We will keep your brand intact and provide the players with the original gaming experience.


Stay on budget & time

Every project stays on course and is done with transparency and Kuuasema preciseness.

Providing all the services your game will ever need


Initial product definition
High level design
Feature breakdown and work estimates
Resourcing plan
Initial production and Live Ops plan
Proposed art direction
Business model (Work for hire / Co-development)


Shared goal with partners
Focus on working software
Iterative production model
Focus on creating value
Meet set quality standards throughout the development
Continuous improvement

Soft Launch/Live Ops

Frequent update cycle
Feature updates
Game balancing
Bug fixes
Running in-game events to engage players
Manage special offers and ads
Game live on selected representative market

Long time trusted partner


Founded 2004

Since then we have grown to a game house of a unified group of 40+ game developers, artists and business professionals. We are dedicated to making the best games.

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From concept design to world wide launches, our customers with various aspirations have enjoyed the productive Kuuasema game developing services.

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Creating over 130+ successful game projects from start to finish has resulted in learning the best tricks and practices -all at your disposal.

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